The sustainability and harvest capacity of orchards very much depends on the quality and regularity of the care given to them over a number of years.  For advice on how to do this, please click here to discover downloadable ideas and resources

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Diseases and Pests

Fruit trees make fantastic homes for lots of wildlife, although not all of it will be welcome! Keep your eyes open and check your trees regularly for signs of any problems. This is particularly important when the trees are young since an early infestation of diseases and pests can cripple the trees and they won’t establish well.

This comprehensive resource features an at-a-glance identification guide to some common fruit tree and plant problems. Beware...there are many more!

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Planting your Orchard

This practical guide outlines how The Orchard Project plants orchards.  It comprehensively details the equipment needed and methods required to successfully grow fruit trees, including tips for guarding newly planted trees against external damage.

Please note that site considerations and planning are covered in a separate resource ‘Things to Look Out for When Planning an Orchard’. 

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Bare root trees - handling and planting tips

We want your trees to be well planted and perform well, and hope that the following tips will guide you in the handling, storage, planting and aftercare.

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People’s Trust for Endangered Species

The People’s Trust for Endangered Species are compiling a national survey of traditional  orchards as part of  the biodiversity action plan – a great way to make your project part of a national initiative, plus information on other orchards in your area.


Amazing huge artworks produced from apples at a Swedish Apple Market.

YouTube: Vegetable Orchestra

Watch the vegetable orchestra for inspiration on making alternative music!

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