Fruit-Full Communities worked with YMCA and Foyer centres over three years to create community orchards.

A series of five one-day workshops took place at each centre where young people and youth workers learned the skills they need to design, plant and care for the trees in their orchard. They learned about the importance of trees in protecting the environment, promoting biodiversity and ensuring sustainable global development.

How did Fruit-full Communities benefit young people?

This project:

  • improved health and wellbeing by creating green spaces on YMCA and Foyer sites
  • helped young people to gain new skills through working outdoors in a real-life situation
  • helped young people to gain employment skills in low-carbon jobs that will be increasingly important in the future
  • encouraged young people to work alongside other members of their local community, to meet people and make new friends.


How did Fruit-full Communities benefit the environment?

By planting trees, often in urban areas, the project:

  • provided specialist habitats for a variety of plants, insects, birds and animals
  • helped to reduce flooding, stabilise land and contribute to reducing pollution
  • improved the value of the local area

How did Fruit-full Communities benefit the wider community?

This project:

  • created natural spaces that offer opportunities for relaxation for everyone in the local community
  • helped increase social contact and integration within local neighbourhoods
  • provided volunteering opportunities for local people
  • made local communities stronger and more cohesive

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